Chirot Pitera

Name: Chirot Pitera
Sex: Female
Identified Sex As: Female
Age: 18
Height: 4.5 foot
Psionic Power: none
Psionic Level: NA
Parental Figure: Flow, a Sentiant Bat like creature that adopted Chirot as a daughter.

Some extras;

Chirot lives day to day by stealing food and coin from those she thinks don't need it. be it home break in’s or pick pocketing. she is enamored by most things occult, taking a fan girl interest in demons and black magic, despite it being most certainly fake.

Chiriot loves classical instrumental music, as it is soothing to her sensitive hearing, anything techno or with heavy bass gives them a splitting headache. She also loves horror themed plush toys, the bigger and fluffier the better, bat shaped one are her favorite

Active?: budding
Position: unsure
Turn ons: experimenting, likes suspension and toys, as well as a little bondage
Turn offs: none so far

Chirot Revenant Patch 1
Chirot Revenant U1 1
Chirot Revenant N1
Chirot Revenant BGB 1

Fantroll Sprites

Chirot BDMVX Casual 1
Chirot BDMVX Kawaii 1
Chirot BDMVX Kimono 1
Chirot BDMVX Virgin Killer1
Chirot BDMVX MaidsDress 1
Chirot BDMVX BunnyGirl 1

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