Corvus Letrei

Name: Corvus Letrei
Sex: Male
Identified Sex As: Questioning
Sexual Orientation: Questioning
Monogamous/Polygamous Quadrants: Monogamous
Age: 8 sweeps
Height: 5 foot
Blood Color: Lime
Dweller Kind: land dweller
Hive Location: Boarding at Amthea’s Hive
Work: Clinic physician and part time SCP consultant
Trolltag: soaringBinds
Fetch Modus: Medical Quiz
Psionic Power: none
Psionic Level:  NA
Strife Specibus: Blade kind (Scalpel)
Typing Quirks: heavy lisp, s > th
Lusus: Chocomom

Title: Prince of Time
Planet: Land of spires and moss
Dream Self: Derse
Some extras; Corvus’s mentor was a veteran of SGRUB as the thief of hope, and left behind many notes and items from her adventures


impulsive, curious, precise in his work, hates repetitive sounds (this includes clocks)

your name is Corvus Letrei, you’re a rare lime blood so you chose to disguise yourself as any other blood to avoid running in to a troll that believes the rumor that your blood color should be extinct and rectify your contradiction.

You live with an older troll that is past the normal fleet recruitment age, due to her work as a scientist. you liked to assist a with their research, tho you didn’t understand most of what she was researching, you did enjoy your self even tho you just fetched vials and beakers most of the time. but you did learn enough about labs to avoid breaking or spilling stuff,

your guardian troll was one indigo blood named Amthea Faunus who taught you all the skills you need for the art of surgery, experimentation, and lab work. she treated you kindly and showed concern for your safety

your aspirations of being a DocTerror when you grow up lead you to day dream a lot about healing wounded trolls and saving lives is something that sounds wonderful to you, when you expressed this interest to Amthea, she agreed to give lessons in her lab when her work and life schedule allowed it, while setting you reading material and homework for you to complete between chores, ranging from anatomy to ailments

your lusus, a large flightless squawk beast you call Chocomom, also stay’s at the hive despite the fact her size prevents her from entering the hive, she made a nest beneath your respite block window so she can stay near

you now run you own lab and have so much fun with your experiments, use much of what you learned in your practice and also branching out in to new fields or research, some of which led for your induction to [Redacted], although you always make time to continue your DocTerror study’s

roller blading
reading novels
trying to learn video games
hanging upside down in your closet
studying sciences and medicine
”good music”
juggling knives

Active?: Yes
Position: Submissive
Turn ons: Bondage
Turn offs: Scat, watersports
Bulge & Nook need to knows: Frilled Bulge and Nook

Corvus RX casual Doc 1

Lab 35 Theories