Dualis Animas

Name: Dualis Animas
Sex: Female
Identified Sex As: Female
Sexual Orientation: NA
Monogamous/Polygamous Quadrants: NA
Age: 9
Height: 5.5 Foot
Blood Color: Black*
Dweller Kind: land dweller
Hive Location: SinStralls Quarantined Forrest
Fetch Modus: Vertical inventory stack
Theme song: Megalovania
Psionic Power: Currently unknown
Psionic Level: NA
Strife Specibus:
Typing Quirks: Never uses capitals
Lusus: Latex BarkBeast
Personality: Cheerful, greedy with candy and bright colorful things, naive, lazy
Occupation: Currently employed part time as a city walls checkpoint booth attendant


Your Name is Dualis Animas, a Resident of the largely corrupted forests on the far eastern peninsula of the island of SinStrall, a slavers and perverts paradise.

you love riddle games and spreading your ‘love’ to willing and the unsuspecting.

most of your extremity limbs are blackend from living in the woods for so long, but no one seems to notice when you wear a coat, and nothing but~

Dualis BD Nutral Hoodie 6