Felcis Messor

General Infomation

Name: Felcis Messor
Sex: female
Age: 11 sweeps
Height: 5.8 foot
Blood Color:  indigo
Dweller Kind:  land-dweller
Hive Location:  Forest, suspended hive over hanging a lake in the shape of a beehive
Trolltag: manipulativePheromones
Fetch Modus: honey bee smart phone
Psionic Power: string dependent puppeteer voodoos and neural link voodoo restricted to lusi that have a established submissive relationship with felcis already, such as her lusus’s drone bee’s
Psionic Level:NA
Puppeteer: strong near unbeatable control of the motor functions as long as the wire is still connected to her victim.
Lusus link: vary’s on distance and relationship to felcis, control of her own bee drones is absolute to the distance of 15 miles
Strife Specibus: razor thin wires that can cut, bind or embed them selves according to felcis’s intent
Typing Quirks: Ol-< the quick fox jumpz the lazy goat
Lusus: very large Queen honey bee
Lusus Relationship: very close, her lusus doting on her ‘daughter’ like she was a princess, and felcis’s bugskin form only deepening this connection. felcis can rarely go out with out a very large bee tailing her

Story, Hobbies, Interests;

Felcis was born with the bugskin affliction which manifested at a very young age, to the joy of her lusus, felcis developed in to a bee form bugskin.

protected with in the hive with her lusus, felcis suffered the changes to her small body with out the support of other bugskins to form a pack with, and with time she lernt to enjoy the changes that made drew her closer to the lusus that raised her.

Felcis’s lusus and colany produces large amounts of mind honey, whach was apart of Felcis’s diet from a young age, giving her a near drug addicted dependence on the substance and the side effect of turning her eyes from a normal purple to honey gold.

with so long an exposure and access to mind honey, Felcis has found ways to make many different tonics and serums for the ue of use of general hallucinogenics to specialized high strength hypnosis aids.

Plot Relevant Stuff:

in her adventurous years, felcis came across a organization that was close to her hive known as the orphanage, seeing her potential, the leader made the young girl a member of the underground organization, with zodiac, the leader of the group as her direct superior, due to her ability to swiftly make extensive surveillance networks

felcis’s work for the orphanage often involves capturing trolls that no one would miss, such as the hive-less and delivering them to her superior for a fate worse than death


Felcis MVX Casual 1

General NSFW 

Position: Dominant
Turn ons: oviposition (giving), bondage, hypnosis, mental control
Turn offs: NA as of yet
Bulge & Nook need to knows: With her bugskin mutation and affinity with her lusus, Felcis sports a 9 inch ovipositor and nook.

Due to her bugskin heritage, her laid eggs will hatch in to large bee drones and be birthed by any troll she laid them in.

Art by Failsy
Art by Failsy

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