Fenris Ferrum

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General Information;
Full Name: Fenris Ferrum
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 27th of Syri'is (September)
Species/Race: Kitsune
Occupation: Investigative Lawyer

Fighting; Weapons: Hidden Switch blades/Service Pistol
- Small Arms Training
- CQC Training
- Degree in Forensic Analysis
- Degree in Criminal Science
- cybernetic enhancements for mental, observational and physicals abilities
-enhanced strength due to combat grade prosthetics
- specific frequencies of EMP
- malicious electronic viruses

- Father Fig = Kadris the White Wolf
- Sister = Chirot
Love Interest/Crush: Viltats, sexy tattoo artist

Active?: Active
Position: Prefers to top and be in control unless she trusts her partner completely
Turn ons: ***
Turn offs: ***
Genital need to knows: genitals modified with poly flex, internal massagers and an electro stimulant

History: as a court investigator for the state prosecution agency, Fenris’ job revolves around gathering evidence to ensure citizens of the blossom that have committed crimes are justly executed when sentenced in the petal of justice.

in the course of her career she suffered what she will only refer to as ‘the incident’ which resulted in a year of Rehab as she became proficient in the use of her new prosthetic limbs

Cybernetic Augmentations;
Doctors Notation: a mess of modifications were installed during [redacted], most do not impact with her day to day functions and would cost more to replace with regular traditional organs. the mods used in her reconstruction don't overlap with any over these black market items, aside from her personality overwrite, it appears stable for now, but i can not predict if the ‘friday’ AI wont manifest in a digital split personality or try to reinstall itself once more. 

- Original Personality Restored*
due to the damage to her own self image, Fenris had fallen back on to perceiving her self as little more then a robot, in an effort to shield her self from the trauma of undergoing sex slave procedures.

Utility Mods:

- Wireless Connection;
Fenris can link up with any machine with a wireless connection, she can access the internet, radio, and television with this wireless connection. While linked up with a machine, she can operate it, as long as there are no firewalls, passwords or other safety measures barring her way.

- Hacking Subroutines;
Fenris can hack machines she is linked up with, with a robust suite of tools that can make short work of most security systems. With a high rate of success, there seems to be no system this suite can’t hack

- Teleportation Module;
The Teleportation Module grants Fenris the ability to teleport her self and up to two people, by generating artificial wormholes. She needs the geographic coordinates to the location which she is trying to teleport to, in order to make the necessary calculations.

Assassination Assortment

- Enhanced Vision;
Fenris' Vision is greatly enhanced. She is able to switch between vision modes, and overlay digital read outs over her perceived reality.

- Threat Sensor;
Fenris has a built in threat sensor, which will alert her of danger, such as sneak attacks and sniper shots made from great distance. Which allows her to initiate countermeasures like dodging.

- Blink System;
With the installation of the Blink System, Fenris is able to teleport to any location with in her field of vision with out needing geographic coordinates, as that is automatically calculated based on her visual feed.

- S-Program;
With the Soldier Program, Fenris has rudimentary knowledge of warfare, martial arts and essential combat skills. The marketing on this program boasts that its is the deal suite for any elite solider

- SS-Program;
With the Super Soldier Program Upgrade, Fenris is equipped with advanced knowledge on warfare, martial arts and combat, allowing Ferris to posses uncanny combat skills that vastly surpasses the capabilities of any human soldier.

- Hand Taser;
with a few rewiring of some internal components, fenris is able to generate an electrical current with her hands, this is strong enough to disrupt nerve signals and cause neromuscular incapacitation. With the size of her core, the electricity produced can arc lightning up to 2 meters from her hands.

- Enhanced Body;
Fenris' prosthetic and few remaining muscle fibres have been upgraded with added density, granting her something akin to super strength.

- Mithril Composite;
With the use of a Mithril Composite in the construction of her modifications,  Fenris's overall weight has been reduced substantial with no compromise to structural integrity, she weight as most 15KG's soaking wet.

- Cloaking device;
With a cloaking module installed, Fenris can cover her body in a field that reroutes light particles to grant her invisibility to the naked eye

Other Information:
plushies, dogs, instruction manuals, pants
Dislikes: confined spaces, being too far from her prosthetics for too long
Hobbies: sudoku, chess, table top wargames
Goals: to become the next adjudicator
Habits: falls back in to a monotone robot voice when meeting new people

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Commissioned by tacitChatter

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