Osilai Boreal

Name: Osilai Boreal
Sex: Female
Identified Sex As: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Height: 6.2 foot
Blood Color: Teal
Dweller Kind: land dweller
Hive Location: A moderate apartment situated above the store you operate in
Fetch Modus: Smart phone
Psionic Power: Cyrokinetics
Psionic Level: short range and able to reach negative 100 degrees, utilitarian in nature, little use and experience in combat

Dream Self:
Some extras;

Story, Hobbies, Interests;

your name is OSILAI BOREAL, you are a Sex Store proprietor with a keen interest in assisting innocent minds in finding what the true limitations of their perversions are. recently you decided to put the skills and knowledge you have accumulated in your time spent with scientists and labs to devise the best place you think you can apply it best, the FETISH STORE the Ice Queens Pleasure. to help attract customers to your establishment you like to employ submissive trolls and dress them up in CUTE but RESTRICTING attire and placing them around the city with instructions to stay put and model the lewd nightwear while handing out brochures

while you don’t just sell imperial approved sex aids and condoms, you also develop many toys and furniture for those with the fetish, cash and the guts to walk in to your store.

out in the back rooms of the store, you ply your skills from a wide variety of areas including, medical first aid, biology, applied science, genetics, pathology and cyrokinetics to your new found trade, in making sex toys for the perverted, and those you cant make you have found sources for

when your not tending the store or a customer, you do roam from place to place collecting DNA samples from unsuspecting trolls to add to your collection, tho you rarely resort to violence, its just not your way, you’d rather covertly take a hair clipping or a skin sample or two, seducing, does seem to be your strong suit, troll’s also don’t seem to turn down a field medic that happens by when there injured

your cryokinetic ability was discovered when you accidentally froze your hive during dinner, which really shocked your fox, not to mention scared the living daylights out of you with fears that this was a witch worthy mutation. over the sweeps you kept the ability secret to all but a trusted few, having little chance to explore what you can really do with it with out exposing your self you never developed any real combat applications for your ability save inducing hypothermia or snap freezing a limb if your target held still for a long enough period of time for you to focus. you did however manage to discreetly incorporate this skill in to your day to day life, skimping on the power bill by chilling the ice box your self and not needing any cooling aids like liquid nitrogen for your lab work.


Active?: yes
Position: dominant / submissive
Turn ons: kinks include but not limited; toy’s, role play, pet play, spanking, BDSM, light electrocution
Turn offs: heavy scarring, serious slavery

Osilai Revenant Coat 7