Revina Shales

General Information

Name: Ravina Shales
Sex: Futanari
Identified Sex As: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Monogamous/Polygamous Quadrants: unknown
Age: 10 sweeps / 20 years
Height: 5.2 foot
Blood Color: Fuchsia
Dweller Kind: Seadweller / Amphibious
Hive Location: A Penthouse adjoining a museum of Alternian history in the upper City of DarkReach
Fetch Modus: melody rhymes, needs to speak a rhyming word for the item she has stored to access it, can be a problem in conversation
Strife Specibus: blade kind, Weapon of choice is a magically infused segmented great whip cleaver
Typing Quirks: none
Lusus: a aquatic siren, capable of limited speech and passing her self off as a female troll to draw in victims

Story, Hobbies, Interests;

your name is RAVINA SHALES and you are Void Maiden of the deep ones, denizens of the deep abyss at the centre of the void. Because of your ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT and veracious need to expand your KNOWLEDGE OF MAGICAL MEDIUMS. You had initiated a contract within an ancient library deep in the mountains during one of your expeditions that drew you in the deep abyss and came in contact with the dark eldritch being that dwelt within. you not completely sure what these dark god like beings were, or what their plans are, but they appeared to be akin to the beings from the far rim. Within your time in the abyss, you were remade and returned with something extra. A Symbiotic suit that provides your link to the void in addition to some other… interesting effects. Wearing it and allowing it a connection to your life force with it a fair trade for the ABSOLUTELY NOT FAKE MAGIC he lets you use.
thankfully, the Symbiotic suit is able to be discrete and disguise its self to look like regular clothing, even if it does limit your wardrobe somewhat. With out its presence however, you would not have access to the power afforded to you as a void maiden. The suit its self is SENTIANT and offers you advice and council, even if it is brash and unapologetic.
your demeanor can be rather ERRATIC at times, from very CARING to SELFISH and GREEDY when money is involved, especially the kind that glitters

Ravina Shales Revenant Void 1

:General NSFW:

Active?: yes

Position: switch

Turn ons: tentacles, bondage, inflation, multi penetration

Turn offs: none so far

Bulge & Nook need-to-knows:

Ravina Shales Revenant N1

:Maiden Stats:

Type: Void Maiden
Xes Pool: 205
Remaining Anima Points: 26
Generation Interval: 2 minuets
Generation Rate: Tier 5
Total time needed to replenish Xes in a empty pool is 74 minutes.
At this level, Plesure pleasure feels better then sex, much better. She will orgasm at regular intervals and her sexual fluids will make a frightful mess. This stimulation would seriously compromise her ability to fight. It would take an iron will to even think straight during such stimulation.
Xes Generation: Pre-Use
Ravina cannot generate Xes in battle, she will need to do so before hand in order to use abilitys that require Xes.
Emergency Protocol: Encasement
upon the destruction of Ravina’s Parasite suit, it will teleport her to a random but safe location. Then transform into a fleshy mass and envelop her. It will form a hard-protective shell around her to protect her from potential threats. Doing this will massively strain the Parasite suit and exhaust its energy. It will hunger after Xes and immediately initiate Xes Generation. The Parasite suit will not stop stimulating her or let her out until it has fed on three times the amount of her Xes pool. Her Parasite suit will supply her with nourishment during this.
if Ravina dies, this emergency protocol will trigger and automatically and revive her.

:Suit Stats:

Suit: Hybrid Dark Magical Girl Dress and Organic suit
Dark Magical Girl Dress:
A dark magical girl dress is very similar to a magical girl dress. The most notable difference is the design is darker and more sexual.
Dark Conduit
all spells cost 1 Xes less to cast to a minimum of 1 Xes.
Dark Battery
Ravina’s Xes Pool is increased by 25.
Organic suit:

an organic suit possesses good durability and decent regeneration rate, it is immune to poison and acid, but is weak against fire, which will not only cause massive damage, but also temporarily prevent it from regenerating.
Venom Blood

when damaged, the parasite suit will spray poisonous blood, which will have a damaging effect on its victims.
the parasite suit will adapt and build up a resistance to repeated attacks and hazardous environments. This will not be permanent, but will last several hours after the danger is past.
Transformation Sequence: Real Time
Ravina cannot summon or unsummon her Parasite Suit, she will have to store it somewhere safe and equip it manually. Her Parasite Suit will magically return to her after one week should she lose it


Familiar: Xes Spirit

a Xes Spirit is created by infusing a fragment of Ravina’s soul with Xes. It is an immaterial spirit that must posses a weak willed mortal in order to assume a physical form. Once possessed, the mortals body will be partially encased in shadowy energy, which will assume a form similar to ravina’s favourite animal. While ravina has her Xes Spirit summoned in a physical form and with in 100 meters, her Xes pool is increased by 70.
Xes Pool Requirement: 20 Xes a day

Familiar: Succubus

Xes Pool Requirement:
 15 Xes a day

Familiar: Deepling

Deeplings are magical creatures that live deep below the sea. They are swift swimmers and are very elusive. Known to venture to the surface world. While on land they have a magical aura, inside their aura phisics will act as if everything is underwater.
Deeplings can expand their aura up to a 20 meter radius. Deepings are curious, playful, mysterious and love to try new things.
Xes Pool Requirement: 5 Xes a day

Nellie Deepling 4

:Suit Enhancements:

Soul Spark: Star Forged Weapon
ravina’s Sword and Magical Whip are Combined into a extendable whip sword that can lash out at 4 times its length, or lock its self-ridged.
Weapon Part: Melee weapon
Ravina gains sword as a part of her Parasite suit, her Sword allows her to make strong Melee Attacks which do not cost and Xes to use. She is also able to Empower melee ranged spells by channelling them through her sword.  
Weapon Part Upgrade: WitchBane Weapon

Attacks with her sword will sap Small Amounts of whatever energy the victim use’s for spellcasting
Weapon Part Upgrade: Hexed Weapon
When her sword strikes a target, a hex rune will be placed on the stricken area. Striking the hex rune will cause it to violently explode
Weapon Part: Magic Weapon Ravina gains a whip as a part of her Parasite Suit. She can channel spells through her whip to increase their potency. While a magic weapon can be used in close combat in a pinch, it is ill suited for the task and is inferior to a normal melee weapon.
Weapon Part Upgrade: Spell weaving
While Holding the Weapon. Ravina’s spells cost 1 Xes less to a minimum of 1 Xes
Weapon Part Upgrade: Spell Charge
Ravina can charge her weapon with 1 spell and save it for later use.

Enhancement: Tentacles
Ravina’s Parasite Suit has several prehensile tentacles. They are 6 foot in length each and hidden within her ‘coat’
Enhancement Upgrade: Draining Grasp

While Grasping someone with her tentacles, she is able to slowly drain their strength and stamina, while increasing her own, this effect is temporary.
Enhancement Upgrade: Increased reach
her tentacles can extend then selves up to thrice their original size (18 feet)
Enhancement Upgrade: Slimy Tentacles
Her tentacles are covered in a slimy substance, upon skin contact the slime will increase sensitivity.

Enhancement: Eldritch Tattoos
Ravina gained lewd magical tattoos on her body while wearing her Parasite suit, these tattoos increase her Parasite suits resistance to magic.
Enhancement Upgrade: Protective Crest
A small portion of all magical damage inflicted on her Parasite suit is redirected in to her body and converted in to sexual pleasure.
Enhancement Upgrade: Permanent Tattoos
her Eldritch Tattoos are permanent, they will not disappear when she unequips her Parasite suit. However she cannot use any magical protection they provide while she is not wearing her Parasite Suit.

Enhancement: Aquatic
While Wearing her Parasite Suit, Ravina gains the ability to breath underwater (redundant). Her swimming speed and manoeuvrability are vastly improved. She and her parasite also gain a greater resistance to pressure and cold, allowing her to swim much deeper beneath the sea (in addition to her natural sea dweller ability.)
Enhancement Upgrade: WaterWalking
Ravina is able to walk on the water as if it were a solid surface. This ability is toggalable.
Enhancement Upgrade: Aquatic Assault
All of her attacks will be empowered while she is underwater.

Enhancement: Sentience
Ravina’s Parasite suit has Sentience and the ability to speak, She is able to telepathicly communicate with it while she is wearing her Parasite Suit. (Personality unchosen)
Enhancement Upgrade: Human Form
Her Parasite Suit can assume human form (appearance unchosen as of now)
Enhancement Upgrade: Dominant
her Parasite suit is Strong Willed, Dominant and Assertive

Enhancement: Magical Eyes
while wearing her tentacle suit, Ravina’s eyes become magical. and allow her to seen in complete darkness


In Ravina’s greed for additional power, she agreed to the conditions that her Parasite suit will summon additional parasites during her Xes Generation. These parasites will appear every time Ravina begins her Xes Generation, and depart on completion, with some special exceptions.

Ears Inside and Outside: Ear Worms

Small parasitic worms will infest Ravina’s ears. They will stimulate her by slithering inside her ears and massaging her brain. A side effect to using these worms is that her personality is permanently altered. In bed, Ravina is a lot more submissive.

Mind Tentacles

Eyes: Blindfold Parasite

this parasite will attack itself to Ravina’s face and cover her eyes like a blindfold. While this parasite will not directly stimulate her, it does increase her arousal while wearing it. This Parasite will permanently increase her arousal from visual stimuli.

Mouth Inside: Mutagenic Worm

Mutagenic worms will infest ravina’s mouth and throat. These parasites crawl around excreting a mutagenic liquid that is pleasurable to absorb into her body. This mutagen will permanently transform an orifice, making it more obscene.
this parasite transforms and maintains ravina’s tongue as a long tentacle like appendage.

Mouth Outside: Face Mask

a Face Mask attaches itself to Ravina’s face and inserts its tail down her throat, force feeding her a green liquid. The liquid acts as an aphrodisiac and is quiet addictive.
this liquid will permanently alter the hosts digestive tract and their sense of taste. Normal food will taste disgusting, while sexual fluids (cum, pussy juice, breast milk and pre-cum) will taste amazing. Normal food will no longer be able to sustain the host, only sexual fluids will.

Oddly, tea is exempt from this, as long as its black tea, or breast milk is used.

the Mask itself will act like a mask, she can see though the masks eyes, feel though its skin because of its telepathic abilities. however she can not speak while the mask is worn. instead the mask will speak for her by reading her thoughts and speak them out aloud without any form of self censorship.

for example, if her pussy was being stimulated by worm parasites and it feels good, the face mask will cry out "Holy fuck! my slut pussy is being violated by filth parasite worms and it feels so fucking good! im so close to cumming, fuck me harder!"

Body Outside: Tentacle Padding (Permanent)

the inside of Ravina’s Parasite suit is padded with small slimy tentacles. These small tentacles will pulsate and massage her body. Causing her entire body becomes more sensitive.

tentacle lineing

Nipples Outside: Nipple Tentacles

Ravina’s Parasite Suit will have 2 smaller tentacles that will stimulate and penetrate her nipples. These tentacles will make her nipples more sensitive and cause her to orgasm during heavy stimulation.

Nipples Inside: Onahole Worm

an onahole worm is essentially a worm that is shaped like a onahole. When inserted it connects itself to Ravina’s nervous system, making her capable of feeling any stimulation in the parasite and making the pleasure feel twice as good. Once a onahole worm has been summoned, it is impossible to remove and unsummon for at least 2 days.

Vagina Outside: Tentacle Panties

this parasite wraps around ravina’s crotch and stimulate her clit and the outside of her nook, as well as the insides. A side effect of using this parasite is that ravina will grow increasingly horny, if her nook isn’t stimulated regularly.

Vagina Inside: Womb Worm

this large worm will slither around in ravina’s womb, because of its size her belly looks bloated and pregnant while she carries this parasite. It will pleasure her, but also makes her womb hyper fertile. To the point that it could take a single drop of cum to impregnate her.

Anus Inside: Onahole Worm

an onahole worm is essentially a worm that is shaped like a onahole. When inserted it connects itself to Ravina’s nervous system, making her capable of feeling any stimulation in the parasite and making the pleasure feel twice as good. Once a onahole worm has been summoned, it is impossible to remove and unsummon for at least 2 days.

Anus Outside: Flesh Penis (Permanent)

Ravina’s Parasite Suit will have a fleshy cock attached to it, the cock will ream her ass and stimulate her by vibrating at a high frequency. A side effect of using this is that her thought processing and brain power is reduced by 30% as long as she does not have a phallic object in her ass.

Penis Outside: Slime Condom

this slime parasite will cover ravina’s bulge like a condom, and suckle on it. It will relentlessly stimulate her bulge and milk it. Any sexual fluid will be stored in a balloon like portion of the slime condom. The parasite will permiantly increase her precum production and dribble from her dick while she is aroused.

Urethra inside: Mutagenic Worm

Mutagenic worms will infest ravina’s urethra and gene sack. These parasites crawl around excreting a mutagenic liquid that is pleasurable to absorb into her body. This mutagen will permanently transform an orifice, making it more obscene.
this parasite transforms and maintains ravina’s clit, transforming it to resemble (dick type unchosen as of yet).


sensing Ravina’s lust for the beneficial power that her contract afforded, she was offered an even greater amount of power in the form of spells and familiars… the consequence of her previous greed had not sunk in yet, so she accepted these as well.

Sinister Shadow

once Ravina’s Shadow was a reflection of her self, but now it reveals the darkness and corruption that she has allowed to enter her body. It is now a coiling mass of shadowy tentacles.

Xes Lock

Ravina’s Parasite Suit has a locking mechanism during Xes Generation. Once she initiates Ges Generation she will not be able to stop generating Xes until her pool is completely full.

Bondage Suit

During Xes Generation, Ravina’s Parasite Suit will restrain her body and limbs in a bondage like fashion.

Permanent Parasite: Tentacle Padding

Parasite Suit’s tentacle padding cannot be unsummoned and will be permanently attached. This will remain mostly dormant while Xes Generation is not active. However it will randomly stimulate her, often at the most inconvenient time.

Permanent Parasite: Flesh Penis

ravina’s Flesh Penis is permanently attached to her suit and will not be unsummoned.

Slow Xes Generation

Ravina’s Xes Generation interval is increased by 100%


When Ravina returned from the abyss, she was clutching a dark thick tome that was gifted to her by her patrons in the void, inside, all the spells at her disposal were inscribed in its pages.

Spell: Planeswalk

Cost: 22 per cast
all magical girls possess the ability to travel to the dark void between reality to travel vast distances, even to other planets or universes should the be aware of it and where it is.
to cast planeswalk she must concentrate for 30 seconds before casting it. When cast, she will be teleported to the desired destination. Casting planes walk will leave a rift behind, this rift is only visible to those with magical ability’s and will last a week. Other magical girls will be able to use her rift to travel to the location she planes walked to. Magical girls are also able to sense any rift within 20 miles of them.
Upgrade: Vanishing Trace
When Ravina Plainswalks, she will not leave a Rift
Upgrade: Company
When Ravina Painswalks, she can bring others with her, as long as she is touching them.

Spell: Teleport

Instantly teleports Ravina to any target location within sight.
 3 per cast
Long Range Teleportation
Ravina can teleport to any place that she has been to.

Spell: Heal

heals ravina’s target for a moderate amount of damage.
5 per cast

Spell: Force Field

creates a indestructible forcefield up to one meter away from Ravina. The force field has a maximum size of one meter diameter.
3 per second
Automatic Defence
this spell will be cast automatically to protect from attacks.

Spell: Empower

Ravina channels eldritch energy in to her body or a weapon, empowering her next melee attack and its destructive potential.
5 per cast
when Ravina unleashes her empowered attack, it will create a crescent shaped shockwave of eldritch energy which will travel in the direction of her attack.
Upgrade: Vacuum Strike
her Empowered attack will rip through space and create a vacume which will drag enemies towards Ravina’s attack.

Spell: Enhance Agility

Ravina gains supernatural speed, agility and reflexes. She is able to skilfully dodge attacks and outrun fast moving vehicles.
12 per minute
Ravina receives an additional boost to her speed, agility and reflexes, depending on her parasites suits health. The higher the health, the bigger the boost.
Upgrade: Flash Step
while this spell is active ravina is able to jump short distances at a speed that makes it look like teleportation.

Spell: Enhance Strength

Ravina gains supernatural Strength and stamina. She is able to throw vehicles and punch through brick walls.
12 per minute
Ravina receives an additional boost to her strength and stamina, depending on her parasites suits health. The higher the health, the bigger the boost.
Upgrade: Iron Body
while this spell is active, Ravina’s body will be harder than steel and much more damage resistant. She is able to block a normal sword with a single finger and not suffer any damage.

Spell: Impale

Summon multiple Black Spikes around Ravina’s target. These spikes will fly towards her target and impale them.
Cost: 9 per cast
Upgrade: Cursed Spikes
Skin Contact with these spikes will prevent any regeneration or healing.
Upgrade: Eldritch Spikes
Skin Contact with these spikes will prevent spell casting.

Spell: Summon Tentacles

summons multiple giant tentacles which ravina has control over
 14 per 10 minutes
Elder Mind
Ravina no longer needs to control the tentacles. They will fight independently, by telepathically interpreting her will and intent.
Upgrade: Writhing Forest
this spell will now summon a massive number of tentacles over a large area.

Spell: Induce Pleasure

Revina infuses one of her body parts, or weapon with raw Xes. If her infused body part or weapon touches anyone, it will make the touched person experience a cascade of orgasms. She is immune to the effect.
8 per 10 minutes
While Induce pleasure is active, Ravina’s Spells are also affected by Induce Plesure.
Upgrade: Touch of Ecstasy
Induce Pleasure will also increase her victims arousal apon touch, clouding their minds and disrupting their focus and concentration.

Spell: Corrupt

the target of this spell’s willpower will be decreased whenever they feel sexual pleasure. If ravina breaks their will while Corrupt is active, they will become cursed, this curse will turn them into ravina’s loyal slave.
4 per 10 minutes
Unbreakable Curse
the curse can not be removed in anyway.
Upgrade: Slut Crest
the curse will place a lewd magical tattoo of ravina’s choice on her victim.

Spell: Clone

Creates a perfect clone of Ravina. Her clone has the same spells and abilities as herself, they also wear a clone of Ravina’s Parasite suit. When casting spells, Ravina’s clone will use Xes from the originals Xes Pool.
Ravina’s clone is perfectly loyal towards her.
9 per 10 minutes
Evil Twin
The clone doesn’t need to a clone of Ravina, she can create a loyal clone using a target, such as an enemy, as a blueprint.


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