Name: [ Redacted ] Shales
Pronunciation: Sh-ales
Sex: Male
Identified Sex As: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Monogamous/Polygamous Quadrants: Monogamous
Age: Unknown
Height: 6.3 Foot
Blood Color: Violet
Dweller Kind: Amphibious Sea Dweller
Hive Location: City hive stem apartment
Trolltag: allseeingIntelligence
Fetch Modus: infinitely deep hat
Psionic Power: None that he knows of
Psionic Level: NA
Strife Specibus: blade kind: scissor sword
Typing Quirks: lapses in to a ancient language at times
Lusus: Hydra mom

Title: Knight of Space
Planet: Land of Music and Fire (LOMAF)
Dream Self: derse

Some extras;

Shales has become bonded to a parasitic dragon, which causes him to laps in to a incomprehensible language and causes erratic mood swings

Story, Hobbies, Interests;

[early years are redacted]

you are SHALES, a KNIGHT OF SPACE…. ERROR, major corruption in buffer files detected, recompiling…. restoring 2% of available data….  an KNIGHT OF SPACE, you lost your god tier Immortality when you came across a hatching dragon, which stole your abilitys as it’s price to bring your DEAD LUSUS back to life.

After becoming bonded to a parasitic dragon, you now to laps in to a incomprehensible language and causes erratic mood swings. with out the perks of immortality, such as being able to live with out food and sleep for months, you have to now adapt to mundane life again, which means you had to find a hive to live in and also find work, but where can a EX GOD find work?


Active?: yes
Position: dominant/submissive : Switch
Turn ons: Unknown
Turn offs: Unknown
Bulge & Nook need to knows:

Shales MVX Casual 1