Sielus Shales

Name: Sielus Shales
Identified Sex As: 
Gender fluid
Sexual Orientation: 
 10 Sweeps
 7.3 foot
Blood Color: 
Dweller Kind: 
Sea Dweller 
Hive Location: 
modified beached ship on the coast of alternia
Fetch Modus: 
surprise treasure chest (super glitchy)
Psionic Power: pyrokinesis,
Psionic Level:
pyrokinesis: tho under limited control, fire spreads easily and gets out of controll in your hands
Strife Specibus: 
blade kind (bastard sword) / fist kind
Typing Quirks: 
o to 0 and s to ss  
50 meter long sea serpent  (serpent dad) raised you with a warped idea of parenting, insistent that you had to be strong in order to survive, he would challenge you daily, intent on swallowing you whole if you failed, as a young troll you failed a lot. you now have nightmares of being in a tiny constricting space

Witch of Blood
Dream Self: 
Some extras;

Vision X fold -
Detection type; 
Right Eye
Description; the ability to discern the true intentions behind an action if it leaves a mark on the world or if you see the action in motion. Such as if you read a riddle written on paper, you can cheat and read the authors intentions to find the answer if they knew it. Or if in a fight, as long as you see your opponent, you can predict their movements as they form their plan of attack.

Psionic potential-
Type; Pyro-kinesis
Strength; Low yield, limited combustion ranges of 1 foot or on contact ignition

Story, Hobbies, Interests;

Your troll’s story: - you are Sielus Shales, a violet blood sea dweller who does not know the meaning of the word focus, you wander off and get lost so often you haven’t seen much of your own hive, your pretty far out of your depth with technical things like using your husk top and often hailed as a idiot by most that know you - you have dreams of being a subjuggulator pirate, cause subjuggulator’s are awesome, blood cast be dammed you want to be one, but you don’t like the idea of using clubs as a weapon, and you love pirates, so fuck it you want to be that too. but you suck at sailing, tying knots, navigation, or swimming… yes you can’t swim, you’re probably the only sea dweller that sinks like a stone when you try, so you just walk along the sea floor, walking good exercise right?

it was discovered that the reason for your inability to swim was because your muscles had mutated and become denser and more compact than normal, by a lot, as a result you are stronger than most sea dwellers your size, but also too heavy to remain buoyant in the water.

Story Events:

a ex-subjug by the name of Amthea caught wind of this mutation to the violet blood line and abducted you in the night to experiment on you and find the cause of your mutation, you don’t recall a lot from the experience, but you survived somehow, waking up in your hive with a multitude of small cuts and no idea what the bitch had done to you while you were out cold, but your psionic ability and X fold vision have been wonky ever since

you were taken in to the crew of the mist and now work for the your new captain, Notyel Yinnil, you work hard at what you do, though the ship sails it’s self you try to learn how to sail from your crew and captain… discreetly when possible, no need to let on how much you suck at sailing - you also joined a charming seadweller called Albali Kursal, in her rescue team, which is a variation of mercenary sanctioned by the alternian government, taking odd jobs and small bounties too small for conventional merc’s. in return for your aid in missions, your being taught by albali how to fly mobile mech’s

Adolfo Duress
Lagoonia Geovedi
Kismesis Crush: Amthea Faunus

submissive to Kismesis, Switch for Matesprit
Turn ons: 
scars, knotting, cosplay, rough treatment, furrys, sophorrics 
Turn offs: 
gore, blood play, scat
Bulge & Nook need to knows: 
nook and bulge combo13 inch long and 3 inch thick tapered bulge with segmented ribs

Sielus MVX Pirate 2