Zimm Clause

Name: Zimm Clause
Sex: Female
Identified Sex As: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pan Sexual
Age: 19 Years
Height: 5,4 foot
Blood Color: Red
Dweller Kind: land
Hive Location: NA
Trolltag: NA
Fetch Modus: Magic Dimension of Holding
Psionic Power: no Psionic Power, but you have a strong grasp of lesser magic
Psionic Level: novice
Strife Specibus: Spell Whip Kind


you are ZIMM, master scout of the IRKEN cult and greatest infiltrator of all time, by the wishes of the TALLEST you were sent to this savage planet by way of MAGIC…. or was it a worm hole… you forget which, to survey and collect data on the inhabitants of this, Altrernia

the Tallest must of been so excited with your assignment because your sure they got confused with their words, saying things like banishment and incompetence, but you can forgive such slip ups from the Tallest, they are so busy and over worked

Hobbies, Interests;

world domination
mass mayhem
insane experiments
long monologs of self congratulation

Active?: yes
Position: dominant/submissive
Turn ons: TBA
Turn offs: TBA
Bulge & Nook need to knows: the most superb female genitals ever seen!

Zimm MV clubbing 1
Zimm MV troll agent 2