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good night to the trolls of alternia, im here to shed some light on one of the possible explanations to the myths of “black blood” trolls, while it is true that these do seem to exist, it is a misconception that their blood is indeed “black”. in all cases that i have examined thus far, the hemoglobin pigment in the subjects examined actually displayed hues that conform to hemospectrum standards, but remain in a oxygen deprived state for 25% of total blood cells, this leads to a darkening of the trolls blood appearance so to the naked eye, the troll in question appears to have “black blood”

the most common cause for this medical defect is called Sulfhemoglobinemia.

which is a rare condition in which there is excess sulfhemoglobin (SulfHb) in the blood. The pigment is a darkened derivative of hemoglobin which cannot be converted back to normal, functional hemoglobin. in laytrolls terms, It is a rare blood condition that occurs when a sulfur atom is incorporated into the hemoglobin molecule. When hydrogen sulfide (H2S) (or sulfide ions) and ferric ions combine in the blood, the blood is incapable of carrying oxygen.

This can be caused by taking medications that contain sulfonamides under certain conditions

Sulfhemoglobinemia is usually drug induced. Drugs associated with sulfhemoglobinemia include acetanilid, phenacetin, nitrates, trinitrotoluene and sulfur compounds (mainly sulphonamides, sulfasalazine). Another possible cause is occupational exposure to sulfur compounds or hatching near or in a sulfur rich environment, unattended hatchery’s can become prone to breaches from toxic substances if the resident jade blood is lax in their duty’s

due to the xenophobic nature of troll society towards anything outside the blood casts, “black bloods” have a hard time reaching this diagnosis because unqualified docterrors with no doctorates in genetics are branding them on sight as mutants and calling in the drones to cull there patients, this presents another danger to the more wary trolls, avoiding to address this disease can lead to possible progression to a serious life threatening illness with less oxygen capacity with in the blood.

in most cases this blood condition in relatively benign in regards to the trolls health, but signs of this condition worsening and putting the trolls life at risk, is as follows.

chronic fatigue
inability to pass bio waste

if these symptoms apply to you and you are a “black blood”, please seek out a docterror that is at least certified in genetics or pathology to discuss treatment, for your safety and your health