Briget Hunsie

General Infomation

Name: Briget Hunsie
Sex: Female
Identified Sex As: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual
Monogamous/Polygamous Quadrants: Polygamous
Age: 14 Sweeps
Height: 6.5 feet
Blood Color: Brown
Dweller Kind: Land
Hive Location: Happy Endings Farm
Fetch Modus: Moaning Match Three game
Psionic Power: Communion
Psionic Level: Basic animals, Lusi and cattle
Strife Specibus: Whip kind
Lusus: Bull Pappa, a massive male Minotaur with sharpened horns

Some extras;

Briget will often act clueless about innuendos, but it very open to sex, resulting in many using her farming life to make a pass at her like ‘I wanna plough your fields’ only to be given a plow while she leaves looking sad they didnt think she was sexy enough that they preferred farm work

Story, Hobbies, Interests;

Briget Hunsie works and manages a farm and mount ranch on the outskirts of the coastal City, spanning many acres that seem to stretch on forever. caring for wild lusi suitable for riding, a large barn and pasture of udder beasts for milking, some small pens of various animals to keep the farm self sufficient, like cluck beasts and a few nutrient grubs she could slaughter for food.

Secluded the within these feilds of farm land is one her part time source of work, a large insulated enclosure acting as the breeding hive for her projects ‘genetic perfected brown blood pet’s’ as she called them, commissioned by a high blood as part of their business enterprises..

her job was to oversee that the trolls held there were healthy, clean and fed for when the processing staff, staffed by her own offspring, were ready to package her precious cattle trolls and ship them out, she enjoyed watching the process from time to time, seeing the brown bloods being bound and tied, then cocooned in a vacuum sealed latex bag for transport… sends little shivers of excitement up her spine


Briget Hunsie RX farm 1

:General NSFW:

General: Briget keeps her body looking more akin to a Bimbo, as it is most pleasing herself and a sign of her power 
very much so, nymphomaniac
Position: Dominant/Submissive switch
Turn ons: pregnancy, breeding, milking, inflation, multi penetration, boob play,
Turn offs: scat, watersports
Genital need to knows:
Brigets Tits are constantly lactating, and often need to be milked to prevent them from swelling to ridiculous proportions. her milk smells and tastes good to anyone that consumes it, tho rarely will people agree on what it tastes like. 
Ass and Pussy: 
Her Ass and Pussy are well lubricated and are always ready for sex. her sexual fluids also smell really good, tho different from person to person according to taste and will work like and aphrodisiac. the ass and pussy them selves are highly elastic that can fit just about anything. despite being stretchy and elastic, they never feel loose.
Internally, her ass and pussy are full of small bumps, knots and intricate ridges. while her abdominal muscles are extremely developed, giving her complete control over her pelvic floor. she can massage her partners cock with in her pussy or ass and milk them dry with out having to move her hips.
this muscle control and her internal texture provides her partners with heavy stimulation and pleasure during penetration.
Cock: Briget has a huge horse cock that she will summon at will when the mood strikes her, this cock will also be able to penetrate any orifice and stretch it to its limit. regardless of her cocks ridiculous size.
Tail: Briget has a Medium length prehensile tail with a tuft of hair on the end, it can be used for tailjobs and other similar lewd acts.

Succubus Stats

Summoning Ritual: Dusk

Ravina had Performed the Ritual at the worst possible time, allowing Briget to be Unrestrained, and Unbound. she thinks of Ravina more as her Precious Pet or Child then her master. doing what she wants and following her own goals, while occasionally giving Ravina a hand with some task, if she is feeling generous, or sufficiently bribed.

Summoning Time Limit: 24 Hours Per day

Ravina's greed during the ritual has allowed Briget to stay on the mortal plane indefinitely, and the freedom to send herself back to hell or summon her self to the mortal realm at will, she prefers to stay on the mortal realm to run her farm and spread her influence through the power of captialisim as her products are bought and sold through the general public.

Feeding: once per day

one of the few sensible decisions Ravina had made, was to agree to the minimum feeding interval of once a day, where briget will demand her desires be sated at least once a day to fulfill her needs as a demon of lust. this can be from Ravina herself, or as an unbound demon, from anyone with a pulse that she can pin down.
with her insidious farm however, Briget has cultivated enough sexual fluids to keep her hunger sated with out needing to resort to hunting mortals in the night like some common sex demon.

Pact of Spawning

Briget has the ability to get pregnant, every time she has sex almost with out fail. if impregnated by a humanoid, she will birth a succubi if she plays with a beast, she will birth a pure beast of the fathers race.
her pregnancies take half the time of a normal pregnancy, and her demon offspring will grow twice as fast as the local humanoids.




Briget can charm people with a blow kiss, a charmed person will do anything Briget tells them to do, as long as its lewd.

Hammer Space:

Briget can store and access items in a hammer space, objects inside her hammer space will be held in stasis, Brigets hammer space is located in her cleavage


a Part of Briget's magical repertoire is a vast selection of spells to increase peoples sexual stamina, performance, sensitivity, endurance.
remove their refractory period after sex and she can even shrink or enlarge genitals.

Alter Body:

a large part of Brigets magical arsenal consist of enchantments to mold peoples bodies to suit her desires and needs.
with the following being her most common enhancements:

Bimbo Body
Elastic Orifice
Demonic Tattoos
Milky Tits
Lewd Piercings. 

Sprite Art

Troll Sprite Art