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Commission set for kruularion-the-spectral-consumer

Gwenna and Krissam

Sassho and Kvotte


Sassho, Kvotte and Beltane

‘When it’s all about managing time, but your aspect isn’t Time.’


Osilai’s Renta Pods

Written by @stitchesandgears

Pairings: Deyuki/Tentacles

Summary: Sneaking in to Osilai’s store to try out her tenta pod surely cant be a bad idea? 

Deyuki belongs to : @stitchesandgears

Warnings: Oviposition, Multiple Penetration, Inflation, Tentacles

Dammia’s Revenge

– finding ones self in the hands of your worst enemy…

Dammia’s revenge over Osilai and her past transgressions

Pairings: Osilai/ Dammia 

Summary: Dammia’s revenge over Osilai and her past transgressions by way of forced servitude as a sex slave

Warnings: NonCon, Enslavement, Bondage, Inflation, Domination, Latex, Rape, Humiliation

Dammia belongs to @biconichatcheteer  

all the juicy details below the cut~

Azaria’s bad luck

Dealer: “house wins, you lose again. if you would like to continue borrowing credit, please put this in…”

Azaria seemed to have lost a lot more than her shirt at Alaric’s definitely not rigged casino.

prize art from the 777 follower giveaway, for @sass-trolls

Bella Fun Times

Bella enjoying a good thorough pounding from a canine lover

Art by @sexyrobotfactory
commissioned by failtrolls

Failsy’s Tenta Clothes

– Perhaps Failsy should have read the instructions to her new clothes a little closer… –

Pairings: Failsy/her own clothes 

Summary: Failsy bought some new clothes online, that seem to be more lively than how she expected as it fucks her thoroughly 

Warnings: Living Clothes, NonCon, Tentacles, Bondage, Inflation, Domination, Milking, Goo Monster

Clothes by @amorphous-erotic

all the juicy details below the cut~

Osilai Bondage Time

*angry muffled sounds*

Pretty in Pink

Commission art of a pretty in pink Erisal for @plutoniumcybernetic

Gemmel Breeding Failsy

after teasing Gemmel endlessly with her shenanigans and bringing home strange trolls, beasts and toys. Gemmel finally got her chance to give Failsy a real thorough breeding.


Subby Osilai

when triggered, osilai can have a cock hungry submissive streak more than a mile wide.

Credit for the base sketch from a $5 patreon Request art of a cum hungry Osilai drawn by @steveman