Monthly archives: May, 2020

Felcis Pin-Up

"put your head, Riiight here"

Felcis thighs Pinup colour

Cupper X Beltane

Commission art for GhostofMoon

Cupper receiving a substantial breeding from her matesprit, Beltane

Cupper belongs to GhostofMoon

Beltane belongs to

Cupper commission 2

Heamia X Chirot

commission art for

Heamia taking her little thief (Chirot) to task for her rampant theft

Heamia Railing Chirot Full 2

Failsy X Valter

Collab art with stevemanart

Failsy having some good underwater fun with Valter the Were - Octopus Valter belongs to stevemanart

Failsy Valter Coloured

Beware of Marlboro’s!

catching a whiff of a Marlboro's bad breath applies so many status ailments, it renders its victim helpless to stop it sating its needs.

Failsy Marlboro Breeding with Dialogue

Failsy’s Path to Promotion

some alone time with Admiral Merlwyb~

Failsy's Company advancement 1
Failsy's Company advancement 2
Failsy's Company advancement 3
Failsy's Company advancement 4

Lalafell Failsy

some sprite variations for Lala Failsy