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Lunaris’ hot tub

Lunaris having a nice and vigorous tentacle scrub~

Lunaris belongs to @Solar_Pancake_

Art Commissioned by @Solar_Pancake_

A Queen and her Mate

After the playing with her new living clothes, faisly found out that some one was watching, and wants to play as well… 

Pairings: Failsy / Gemmel

Summary: Failsy getting thoroughly fucked and bred 

Warnings: inflation, oviposition, eggs

Gemmel belongs to @blood-soaked-garden

When Failsy had told you about the idea of getting cameras set up in the corners of her room, you were a little suspect, but it turned out they were just for doing VR stuff in games… But, well, you have seen the cameras that those games use, and these aren’t those. At least these weren’t just those, these were also like, professional streaming cameras, which was very suspect.

So… yeah, you decided to mess with a few wires, add some extra lead-in cables, outputs, just some basic splitters to both give Failsy the feed she needed, but to also give you your own access point. Yeah, you know it’s kind of creepy, but you have to hear her crazy alone times through the walls despite all her attempts at sound proofing, so you might as well see it too sometimes. Though now, you weren’t really expecting what you got, failsy just seemed to be shivering in place by her bed, moaning up a storm? These cameras could zoom… lets get a better look, you use the enhance and zoom, drawing the image closer and seeing just want Failsy was up to, just in time to see her flop over and raise her ass up in the air like a ready served dish you’d really love to dig into…

Though, you could see up her skirt a bit from this angle… it looked like the clothes were filled with little worms? Or tiny tentacles knowing Failsy, you didn’t doubt she’d get her hands on something like that, but frankly you were surprised this was your first time seeing her use it… and judging from that reaction, this was a first for her too. There was a paper next to her she was reaching for while writhing on the bed… much as the ache in your nook didn’t want to let you look away, you moved the camera to see the leaflet of instructions near to, but just out of reach of your hivemate as she spasmed against her bed. Oh you couldn’t help yourself, she was masturbating with reckless abandon, you could too, not like she’d hear your quiet moans over her calls to be filled. Fingers slipped under and tugged your shorts and stockings down and off in one smooth motion. The scaled plates that normally kept your nook safe and hidden were already parted and open before your fingers even reached them, and once they touched down you felt a rush of sparks up your spine and a sudden tension in your crotch as you could feel yourself getting hard under your bulge hood. It was almost painful if you weren’t so turned on that in just made you more desperate, you slid a finger into your bulge hole and moaned much like the whore you were watching as gene material started to spill out of you onto the kitchen floor.

Your knees buckled and you fell forwards onto the counter as you worked a second finger into your bulge hole, spreading them apart, and in turn spreading that hole open… you never really… played with these when you weren’t in heat… but right now, watching failsy as she squirmed and moaned, you felt like you might as well be in a heat with how turned on you were. Finally, the tension inside you released as your now hardened bulges slid out of you and sprayed purple goo all over the cabinet door you were practically humping at this point. They were two, long, fairly thick things, hard enough to push into any hole, but flexible enough to bend to fit into whatever hole you so chose to shove them, they also were run along with the little barbs that let you drag more pleasure out of whatever you wanted to run them along… You reached down and gave them a stroke as you got your legs back under you, and felt a terrible warm bleed into your palm, you were worried about it before, but you knew now, that you were probably only at most a single heat away from being able to fully breed any time. The barbs on your bulges were leaking your queen’s pheromone out of them, and it was starting to effect you already…

It was intoxicating, you never really understood exactly what chemicals were at work, but the feeling that the pheromone caused was just hard to describe. Like the tension just melted away, and ever sensation was just pleasant if not pleasurable. It certainly helped when you when you felt a knot of pressure start to build in the base of your bulge. You had to massage your nook to help start the process along, but your body was ready to seed a clutch after watching Failsy writhing like she was. Those tentacles tying her up, spreading her legs wide and baring her for the world, well… just you to see… it was driving you mad, you needed to breed her, you had to breed her, she was going to be your first proper mated one. And that thought made your body feel very strange.

Eventually Failsy came back out of her room and you managed to hide your bulges still hard away, barely contained inside yourself thanks to your shorts. And you just invited her over for some cuddles since you’d obviously just heard that and Failsy probably needed some aftercare. While Failsy tried to come down off her cloud nine though, you had to act, you felt something dribbling onto your thighs, and it was a perfect opportunity. You wrapped one arm around Failsy waist and the other, the one still with some of the pheromone on it, slipped between the troll’s legs, gently playing her fingers against Failsy’s beaten nook.

“You know… I could hear you down in the kitchen… must have been pretty intense to leave you like this even after.” You nestle your head against Failsy’s shoulder and start to slide your tail up her leg.

“ohhh…Uhhh, yeah, paying around with some new toys that caught me by supprise” failsy replied sheepishly, enjoying the cuddles.

“I can only imagine… sore at all?” You kept massaging the bit of Queen’s pheromone casually into her nook, she wasn’t objecting at all, so you had to wonder if she was even quite done after that intense toy session.

Failsy cooed at the soft rubbing. oblivious to what gemmel as applying. but she was still horny, the mimic clothes had passed out on her sooner then she expected, leaving her satisfied, but wanting more as well. “a little, not much tho, toy was a bit grabby and pulled on my legs a bit, haven’t stretched like that in a long while” she replied, nuzzling in to gemmels larger frame.

You knew that the effects would kick in any second even from a diffused sample like this, but feeling her like this, you couldn’t help yourself anymore, and you figured there was no harm in letting her have a bit strait from the source.

“That’s good to hear, I did want to tell you something, and knowing that helps.” Before she can respond really to that beyond initial confusion, your tail slipped the rest of the way up and the sound of a zipper rang out, and suddenly she felt the tips of two hard bulges pressing against her, one against, and slightly between, her thighs, and the other firmly planted to her nook. Looking down, she would Gemmel’s bulges, slightly bigger than she remembers from the first time she’d experienced them, their bases swollen and thick with some kind of knot, and their length covered in those barbs she could remember feeling inside her, but they were now leaking some kind of thin purple goo that didn’t look exactly like Genefluid.

“Feeling a bit pent up and frisky?” failsy asked with a nervous chuckle, always taken aback at hoe assertive gemmel could be some times, giveing low moans at the stimulation she was now being teased with.

Now that the tail was in place, you moved your arm away from Failsy’s waist and instead moved to start fondling one of Failsy’s breast. “A bit…F-Fuck… I helped make these, but this is the first time I’m really getting to touch them, they’re so soft…” Failsy suddenly feels sharp teeth sink into one of her shoulder blades as a bit of your more bestial side starts to flood in, and you just want to leave a mark. It’s not enough to do any lasting damage, but the sharp spike of pain offsets the fingers on her nook in a weird, not entirely unrousing way. “W-we’ve had sex… I fucked you before shoving you in my tail… but everything in those heat’s is a daze, I can’t remember details, there’s pleasure, lust, satisfaction, but I can’t remember the little details…”

“ahhh~… well do try to remember this time, or im gonna be put off” Failsy chided “no one wants to be a forgettable fuck” The tentabulges on your tail suddenly slide out, having been carefully positioned to align with Failsy’s nook, but they didn’t breach that cavern yet. Instead those little curious things moved to the hole just above her nook, one pressing its tip just into Failsy’s bulge hole, before spreading it open, and allowing the other one plunged the trolls depths, tangling and twisting around Failsy’s bulge inside of her.

Failsy yelps at the sudden assault, and cranes her head back, and Gemmel uses that chance to bury her face in failsy’s hair. “It wasn’t forgettable, but I want to know your little sounds, each nook quivering moan, the way you smell, the thick scent of your pleasure, I know your taste so well, I’ve cleaned your desk like a desperate whore anytime I found your cum unsoiled….” There should be shame, but you couldn’t feel it, you’d sent your mind on revealing how much you wanted and needed Failsy… and you planned to cement that in a few seconds as you started to lower failsy down and stopped massaging the troll and instead used your hand to make sure your bulges were aligned with Failsy’s nook.

“But most of all… i… I seen you be taken so many times, by yourself, or whatever beast or companions you summon forth…. I… I envy them… I want so badly to know, to remember… what you feel like inside… If-If… you’ll… you’ll… you’ll have… me…” First time since you started that you were starting to rethink this, show hesitation, and being the woman you are, even in a moment like this, you couldn’t quite just take that leap. But being the woman Failsy was, she was ready to take what she was being given.

“Gemmel, you better not leave me hanging after all that. I’ll have you, so you better take me like you want to, and you better fucking remember it this time!” You didn’t really need more than that, you moved your tail away and more or less let gravity take hold and press failsy down. You felt yourself slid strait into her depths, seemingly reaching deeper and deeper till something physically stopped your advance, for some reason you didn’t really expect to meet with much resistance, but you could feel your bulge pressed tight against Failsy’s internal bucket. That didn’t last long though, as the Queen’s pheromone from your bulge mixed with Failsy genefluid and sunk into her warm folds, an overwhelming feeling of heat and pleasure rushed through her body, like she was having the most overwhelming of orgasms at once without the tiredness after. The feeling just made her open up, and you pressed yourself all the way into Failsy’s internal bucket, rubbing and touching flesh a bulge this massive was never meant the reach.

“OHfuckfuckfuckfuck.” she was going to say something witty before about repaying the favor, but some of her tact was lost as her second white haze of the day started to fill her mind. “I’m gonna find some fucking way to body swap with you, and you’re going to feel this later!” was one of the last clear thoughts she got through before losing herself for a while as you proceeded to use her body like you own personal onahole. The overwhelming experience even made her previously molested bulge, still inside its hood, spill out load after load as it was stuck inside without enough room to escape due to your thick intrusion.

The haze lasted for a while, before she suddenly snapped back to herself somehow, just in time to feel the knot that was swollen at the base of your bulges slam against and slowly push against her entrance until Failsy felt nearly stretched beyond her limit, before it popped inside and slowly started to rise up the length of your bulge, causing you to moan up a storm not unlike what Failsy had been lost in with her new toy. The knot stopped for only a moment as it met the same bit of internal resistance your bulge had, but in much the same way it had reacted with your bulge, it was only seconds before it stretched wide enough to accept the new entry. That was when Failsy’s internal bucket was suddenly flooded with a torrent of cum, and a sizable, semi-hard lump settled inside her as you finally managed to seed her with your first egg. But there were many more to sew, and after the first, everything followed much easier as you just kept pumping egg after egg into Failsy. Your heat was one thing, they were for mass breeding for your race, but to mate was another, and frankly you could barely stop yourself until you finally felt empty.

Dragon Lovers

Lance (black), railing JV (blue) in a gooey tentacle nest

commissioned by Dragonknight

lance tentacle mateing

Paper Librarian

this pile of sentient paper is awaiting you to present your library pass.
Commissioned by Ashmun

Paper Girl

A Failed Summoning

A mature demonologists may be tempted to treat imp summoning as an easy, safe, and practically free practice exercise. This is, as with most magical exercises, bullshit. Imps, while mostly classed as Pathetic Imps, are not all so weak that an untrained rookie can accidentally bind one with the right words. Some are the fearsome Prince and Princess Imps, or their even more dangerous counterpart, the King and Queen Imps. These imps have magical power that rivals archmages, and the most experienced may even surpass them. In short, you must never, ever, EVER forget the wards when summoning an imp, however cute they may appear.

mini Nostus belongs to Joshapi
Commissioned by Joshapi

Imp Nostus railing Failsy shaded

Lala Failsy’s Mind Squashing

Ewe belongs to Joshapi
Lala Failsy Belongs here~
Commissioned by Joshapi

Ewe Corruption in progress

Melanc’s Holiday

Melanc receiving an extended stay in one of Dualis's tentacle breeding pits~

Commission art for melancs-hive-of-sin

Minive unfortunate adventure

Minive Hexdes caught with her pants down while exploring a new cave

Commission art for @Kolonktyrran


Minive hexdes face huggers 1

Sleepi Snek Boi

Snek boi Oni

Commissioned by sleepi boi

Sleepi Snek Boi Reff Art

Dualis having fun with Silsus Crylam

Dualis entertaining Silsus in one of her tentacle pits

Commissioned by Penglog Enfys