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Deceive’s boy toy

Deceive breeding her femboi date, Corvus~

Commissioned by Penglog Enfys
Deceive belongs to Penglog Enfys

Deceive's boy toy 1
Deceive's boy toy 2

Void and Lattai Comfy Chats

Lattai having fun just being filled with Void.
Commissioned by Wanderer of the Void.

Void and Lattai Chill time 1
Void and Lattai Chill time 3
Void and Lattai Chill time 2
Void and Lattai Chill time 4

Felcis Bullying Lattai

Felcis x Lattai 1

Updated Sprites for Alaric Wilkins

Alaric RevenX mythic test 1
Alaric RevenX Formal Mob 1

Updated Felcis Sprites (Hume)

New non-troll Sprites for Felcis Wilkins

Felcis RevenX BeeKeeper 1
Felcis RevenX Nude 1
Felcis RevenX Nude 2

Ravina WalkSprite (Clothed)

Ravina SpritSheet 3x4 CC 1

Ravina Nude WalkSprite

Some walk sprite art that i made as a test for RPG Developer Bakin

Ravina SpritSheet 3x4 Nude

Updated Dualis Sprite!

Sprite Update: Doll Fenris

Fenris Revenent Doll Leotard Coat 1
Fenris Revenent Doll Coat Only 1
Fenris Revenent Doll Leotard 1
Fenris Revenent Doll Nude 1


Part 5 of 8 of the Mega Commission: Dualis' Garden.
commissioned by Shadygal
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Kober found Dualis' favorite bed

Garden vic Kober