Category: OC’s

Lattai Wilkin Sprite Update

Lattai Wilkin Revenant casual 1
Lattai Wilkin Revenant date 1
Lattai Wilkin Revenant NN 1
Lattai Wilkin Revenant underwear 1

Updated Briget Sprites

Briget Hunsie RX farm 1
Briget Hunsie RX Swimwear 1
Briget Hunsie RX nude test 1

Osilais Sex Store (draft)

the Ice Queen's Pleasure, Osilai's Sex toy store, currently unfinished.

Queens Pleasure prog 1

New Sprite for Fenris Ferrum

Revamped sprites for the cyborg fenris, now redesigned as a kitsune for a more fantasy setting~

Fenris Revenent Nude 1
Fenris Revenent Leotard 3
Fenris Revenent Leotard Coat 1

Fenris’s Hypnosis Dominance

Melanc found her self in the hands of a dominant Fenris, who thinks Melanc could use some... reprogramming
Commission art for melancs-hive-of-sin

Commissioned by tacitChatter

Ashkla Taking Corvus for a Ride

Pirate bitch Ashkla and femboy Corvus coloured 1
Pirate bitch Ashkla and femboy Corvus coloured 2

Corvus’ new sprites

Lutia’s Nap Time

NapTime 1

Gemmels Stair Pose (2022 redraw)

Troll Gemmel, poseing on the stairs while she waits to ambush her mate with sexiness'
Gemmel belongs to Ashmun
Commissioned by Ashmun

Gemmel stair fun 1

Lunaris’ hot tub

Lunaris having a nice and vigorous tentacle scrub~

Lunaris belongs to @Solar_Pancake_

Art Commissioned by @Solar_Pancake_