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Lutia Forgrum-Animus sprites

Karyn Tentacle Hell

Karyn trapped in tentacle hell~

Commissioned by Takan Twins

Karyn Tentacle Hell 1
Karyn Tentacle Hell 2

D&D sprites, Failsy and Gemmel

couple of D&D sprites of Failsy and her wife, Gemmel.

Gemmel (the one with wings) Commissioned by Ashmun

Gemmel D&D reffrence with clothed failsy
Gemmel D&D reffrence with nude failsy

the Painter

one of the lords of the Blossom Kingdom, the Painter is known to be a strict woman.

Commissioned by AshMun

Audiance with the painter colour 2

Aranaxis Sprite

Aranaxis, a corrupted Fae that had been locked away for eons.

Commissioned by AshMun

Aranaxis 1

Dualis’ Rehabilitation

Having finished her quest with the other great heroes to help usher in a new world, Dualis looked to the god fae Gemmia, whom shepherded the mortals to their new plane with lustful eyes, which he was happy to oblige, but with ill intent of his own, he knew of her blood soaked and wicked life, but had chosen to overlook them for the sake of his great task, her streangth was what he needed at the time, not her virtue.

but now, there was no place in his new realm for such a blood thirsty beast, and she will need to be re educated on the value and sanctity of life, one baby at a time as she spends the next few centuries as his ward, replacing every life she has ever claimed anew while he buries seeds of goodness deep in to her soul with every thrust.

Elway’s Rebirth

after stepping in to a pool of liquid magic as an old woman, Elway sprang forth revitalized and youthful, and a hot milf to boot~

Commissioned by AshMun

Elway Regen Sexy water scene 1

Madam Elway Sprites

Commision Art for my local D&D group, a important NPC called Elway got a make over, and some alt forms for when the mood strikes her fancy~

commissioned by AshMun

Failsy’s Tentacle Throne