Category: Fantroll Art

Dualis’ Garden Part 2

Part 2 of 8 of the Mega Commission: Dualis' Garden.
commissioned by takantwins

Karyn got a little too friendly with a latex pitcher plant~

Garden vic Karyn

Ashkla Taking Corvus for a Ride

Pirate bitch Ashkla and femboy Corvus coloured 1
Pirate bitch Ashkla and femboy Corvus coloured 2

Corvus’ new sprites

Melanc’s Holiday

Melanc receiving an extended stay in one of Dualis's tentacle breeding pits~

Commission art for melancs-hive-of-sin

Minive unfortunate adventure

Minive Hexdes caught with her pants down while exploring a new cave

Commission art for @Kolonktyrran


Minive hexdes face huggers 1

Dualis having fun with Silsus Crylam

Dualis entertaining Silsus in one of her tentacle pits

Commissioned by Penglog Enfys

There is the Exit

Dualis there is the exit

"Why, the Exit is right up there... but, do you really want to leave already?"

Dualis Close Up’s

Dualis Sprite Update

Felcis’ Harem

Felcis's Harem 1

Felcis and some of her 'hive guests'

on the left from front to back:
- Deyuki owned by: Otter
- Alvair owned by: Gremlin Queen
- Rosalia owned by: Raz
on the right from front to back:
- Seline owned by: Sassi
- Laeil owned by: Super Llama
- Karyn owned by: Takan Twins
- Chrysa owned by: Musical reader